The success and popularity of musicals are measured and they have traveled to bring their products to a global audience.

It is interesting to note the most iconic musical productions have traveled very few miles, managing to complete their long runs in the same city, or even the same theater.

Heater performances were hardly a new form of entertainment in 1900 when the most famous street in the world was traveled. There are following some list of well-known musicals:

Les Miserables

It is one of the most famous musicals and it leaves you in tears of bittersweet joy, whether you are watching it live. It will stay in your mind and heart for ages.

If you are like me and had the fortune of being a part of a production of it, it truly leaves a mark on your soul. If you see only a few musicals in your life, this should be one of them.

The Producers

This musical adaptation of the 1967 film won a record-breaking 12 Tony Awards. It is starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane; it is opened on Broadway in 2001 and ran for 2,502 performances. The whole show is a parody of Broadway producers that features are sarcastic and satirical humor.

The Lion King

The highest-grossing musical of most popular musicals of all time would be The Lion King, another Disney adaptation.

Filled with catchy songs and appealing to audiences of all ages, the production won numerous Tony Awards including Best Picture and is one of only three shows to earn more than $1 billion.

The 1996 revival of Chicago

The original Broadway musical Chicago opened in 1975 and ran for 936 performances before closing in 1977.

It was revived in 1996 and it becomes the second longest-running Broadway show of all time. The story is based on a pair of women and these were accused of homicide and the media spectacle that followed.

The Book of Mormon

This musical Broadway is one of the comedies telling the tale of two Mormon missionaries who are intent on bringing the message of their religion to Uganda.

The script, lyrics, and music were created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame and feature the same type of satirical humor you can expect from the duo. The show opened in 2011 and it is still running.