When you are thinking of the difference between AM and FM radio, you might say, Well, AM is mostly talk radio and FM is mostly music. This is certainly not the main characteristic that is setting them apart from one another.

AM and FM stand for Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation that radio function and operate in the same ways and by the same principles, the biggest difference between the two is the way in which the carrier waves are modulated.

AM Radio

AM radio signals are varying their amplitude to adapt to the sound information that is being broadcasted through the wavelengths. It is changing in amplitude occur on FM radio as well, they are more noticeable in AM radio because they result in audible static.

So, essentially, when you are switching the channels on an AM radio, you are hearing changes in amplitude. It is why distant broadcasts with weak signals will come across as very faint with the sound largely dominated by static.

FM Radio

AM radio, the sound is transmitted through changes in frequency. AM vs FM radio signals are experienced frequent changes in amplitude, they are far less noticeable on FM. During an FM broadcast, slight is changed in amplitude go unnoticed.

The audio signal is presented to the listener through changes in frequency and it is not amplitude.

So, when you are switching between stations, your FM antenna is alternating between different frequencies and not amplitudes. It is producing a much cleaner sound and allows for smoother transitions with little to no audible static.

Difference between AM and FM

The better sound quality of FM radio is making it more desirable for those who want to transmit clear and clean sounding audio. AM radio having a lower bandwidth and it can accommodate more stations.  FM radio is generally preferred by those who want to start their own low power broadcast.

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